Time is Running Out on Thoughtful Branches!

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Thoughtful Branches
Thoughtful Branches

The last date to get this exclusive, limited-time bundle Thoughtful Branches is Aug. 31st! That is tomorrow! I have seen so many wonderful cards AND projects using this bundle. Of course, you can do plenty with just the stamp set as well! I personally don’t have this bundle or even the stamp set but I wanted to share it with you just in case it’s a “I can’t live without this!” type of emotion! 😉 This bundle is ONLY available August 31, 2016 or until supplies last! Personally, I really LOVE this set and I’ve been just itching to order! I posted about this back on Aug. 8th if you want to go back and check out more images with this bundle.


BOGO ~ First Paper Pumpkin Subscribers ~ CLICK HERE for more information about this GREAT DEAL! Believe me, you’ll LOVE receiving this Delightful, Crafting, Surprise! Every month!

If you have any questions, please contact me! Until next time, have a Beautiful & Blessed Day!




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